Station Panama

Assaad administration said most of it can be elevated in Brossard, but it’s critical that it’s tunnelled in Panama. Might even make it’s way in the PPU. I think they’re concerned about the station eating out to much of the site and it’s potential, and Panama just being infrastructure spaghetti.


Its going to be infrastructure spaghetti. With the REM, the Taschereau REM, the bus lanes, the highway, the highway interchange, the multifonction / cycling path, the bus terminal, it is kind of unavoidable. It is the nature of that particular location, and they are going to have to work with it. If they need ideas, they can always look at how Japan does it. They are masters of stacking infrastructure.

The most that I would be willing to support is a cut and cover solution. Anything beyond that just feels needlessly costly for that particular location. They could also just decide to keep the REM above Taschereau. That would mean a somewhat longer walk, but at 200 meters, that is still within the limits of what can be considered reasonable. The only location on that line that really needs a tunnel is Longueil.

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Yes, I feel if this hypothetical rem rive sud has any more that a small amount of tunnel in old Longueuil where it is unavoidable, the line will never have a chance to be built. Since it avoids downtown mtl the business case is already fragile enough for the government and cdpq

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Many trees have been planted. Strangely, the bus lane that was used for the temporary terminal is still here, and hasn’t been touched at all:

Rue Philippines and Boulevard Pelletier:

They’ve even added trees in the pit. No grass has been planted yet, I hope it plans to be tall grass to allow a better habitat for bugs:

I’m not sure if this was on purpose, but the crosswalk that goes nowhere, and the other that’s not aligned with the sidewalk have been scrapped off it seems:

Finally, the bus terminal, which has all the equipment removed:

And hopefully in the next few days, the bathrooms and waiting area will finally open to the public! Ticket machines haven’t been installed yet:


It is still being used by buses to avoid part of the traffic in the morning.


From @mashdash. Maybe @Begratto was right :bike: :bike: :bike:
Bixi still aren’t sharing their station locations.


What’s great is that this isn’t the only bike parking either! There’s so much more. I was really wish Brossard makes their bike infrastructure better so even more people bike, because clearly people do!

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À l’extérieur du terminus, il fais chaud comme en Amérique Latine ! Mettez-vous à l’abris immédiatement !! :hot_face:

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Right now it’s cooler in Panama City, Panama (Country) than it is in Panama, Brossard!


J’allais dire que juste en regardant la photo j’ai chaud - il y aurait tout intérêt à planter des arbres pour lutter contre cet ilôt de chaleur

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C’est vrai… pour l’instant c’est globalement un gros parking.

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Bienvenue sur le forum @morispidar ! Vous pouvez partager des photos de stations spécifiques dans les chats spécifiques, comme ici pour le Panama


Brossard est quand même assez bien pourvu en piste cyclable.
attach_cmsUpload_c9df6a69-6ce8-49ef-bc0a-12f4f5475349 (1).pdf (2,0 MB)

Yes there are a lot of bike paths, but they’re not all very bike friendly. Just the other day someone was killed at Rome and Taschereau, despite there being a protected bike path there. Sure on a map it looks good, but there are so many dumb things, like how at every time you reach a light you have to press a button, and how when you’re going from the bridge you have to cross the street 4 times instead of just having a two way bike path on each side of the really really wide street. These little things really add up and dissuade people from biking


Ce n’est pas parfait faut pas oublier que Brossard est une banlieue ou les auto prennent beaucoup de place.

Une piste cyclable sur Tashereau c’est comme l’équivalent d’une piste cyclable sur cremazie.

Mais il y a quand meme des piste cyclable en site propre par exemple dans l’emprise de la ligne haute tension.

Pour l’acces au pont champlain ce n’est vraiment pas optimal pour les piétons et cycliste. Le parcours d’acces oblige a faire une grande boucle pour acceder a la piste cyclable du pont.

A Montreal on voit aussi beaucoup d’endroit dangereux pour les cycliste. Comme par exemple la piste sur maisonneuve qui croise Decarie.


À titre comparatif… la station Panama est probablement à 500 mètres de la piste du pont Samuel-de-Champlain à vol d’oiseau… mais à 5km en passant par les pistes cyclables officielles.


It finally glows! It looks incredible:

The REM sign has been turned off, not sure if that was just tonight or if they’re waiting till the REM opens.

Also just want to share the plaza area looks really nice, even at night. There were people sitting out here waiting for their buses getting “fresh” smog air:


The colour balance isn’t correct, but they’ve finally added the stop sign without blocking the sign to the bus terminal:

A bathroom sign was added, it’s not open yet:

I think this, with the waiting area will open with the REM, as the ARTM shared when someone asked


Crosswalks in Sector T have been repainted:

Other photos of the bus terminal with the sunset:


Nouvelles photos partagées par NouvLR des travaux à la station et au terminus d’autobus:

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