Station Sunnybrooke

I love how they are like “Hey, let’s bring a car here to see if it fits!”

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Yeah… Assuming that its for a cycling path, they definitely need to put a bollard there.

Mais non, c’est juste une piste cyclable en construction.


Je peux confirmer que c’est pour une piste cyclable.


J’ai été voir ce à quoi la station Sunnybrooke ressemblait des rues résidentiel derrière. Et WOW (je ne m’attendais pas à ça, mais ça passe je trouve. Juste avoir avec le bruit)



Depuis le boulevard Gouin:

Depuis le boulevard Sunnybrooke:

Depuis la rue de Gaspé:

L’ancienne billetterie d’Exo a finalement été démantelée:


Turns out it’s not a bike path (or they’re doing weird things with it)


I just went past, the whole bike path has been covered with sod and I have a sneaking suspicion it was at the borough’s request. They’ve been stonewalling the rollout of Bixi since it was announced in 2021, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve blocked this too “until they’re ready”.


West island suburbs trying not to hate on bike infrastructure (impossible) :grimacing: :cold_sweat:


I’m so confused by this. Is what we see here really what was going to be the path, or is it still planned between the sidewalk and the parking. Even if Jim Beis is not the most mobility minded mayor, it’s still seems so out of pocket to have this built that way… or maybe it’s not.

I’m a bit mixed on this too. At Panama, currently there’s a bike path that drops you off on a mini stroad (Boul Panama), which will eventually get bike paths, but currently doesn’t. Most people I see just bike on the sidewalk, but I wonder if that could be a reason why, waiting till a larger network is developed

@Begratto mentioned something about not being able to have station rolled out as much as he’d like in Verdun, so I wonder if it’s really an issue with the borough having an EM mayor or is it just limited ressources. Some PM boroughs also don’t have a lot of stations. Has Jim Beis actively blocked BIXI expansion west?

Beis is a hardcore cyclist (as in: hundreds of kilometres a month). He’s not against cycling or active transit infrastructure.


Just like the A440 “road,” he’s fed up with PM not consulting with the Borough before making big announcements that directly implicate the Borough.

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Seems like Beis is favouring leisure and local trips. Makes sense until the REM stations open I guess, but I disagree with his take on Gouin. Yes Gouin West is dangerous (that’s why you’ll see people biking on the sidewalk), but it’s still the better (only, really) link east.


For the last two year they’ve been putting signs like these on Gouin but only from the Lafleur to the 13.

And looking at the layout of the border (for the thing), I highly suspect they’re covering it for the winter and will finish the work next year or in two years. So that the asphalt looks nice or something.

Also, it would be nice for Gouin Ouest if they would take the reserved bus line that exist since the train is out and convert it into a bike path with plastic bollards and paint like on Pierrefond in front of the library. It would allow it to Connect to the bike path on Des Sources and Pierrefonds easily and would be cheap to implement. Also with how the bike path as been design on Sunnybrooke it would be logical.
But seeing his comment it won’t happen. Cause fuck using your bike for anything useful (which is funny cause 80% of the bike I see daily on Gouin are from people using them to go to the grocery store or similar and not people doing it as a sport)


I asked Bixi about it in 2022 because it had been a year since the announcement, they confirmed that they were waiting on borough approval. I have trouble believing it takes 2 years to decide where to place a handful of Bixi stations.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Beis cycles for sport rather than transport. He may not be against cycling infrastructure, but the state of it in Pierrefonds definitely doesn’t show that he’s for it.

Off-topic, but the constant focus on developing the area around city hall while neglecting the area that will soon have 2 metro stations (and currently has the one of the densest housing developments in the West Island) doesn’t really inspire confidence in the borough’s urban planning competency.


When he was on the executive committee, he rode from Pierrefonds to Champ de Mars for every weekly meeting. I’d call that "for transport.":sunglasses:


Absolutely, particularly as Roxboro has a (small) downtown and its half abandon. Land owners waiting for the borough to pass a PPU or something to allow them to build higher, denser. But nothing is happening it remains the status quo and it’ll remain that for I don’t know how long.

It’s really sad to see as I grew up there and love the place. I just wish it was much denser.

@SameGuy That’s impressive! But his stance is not really about making that accessible to more people I feel like. Maybe he’s waiting for PM to move with their vélo route along the REM, although that won’t help make shops more accessible by bikes, but at least the REM yes.

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I wonder if he used Pointe-Claire’s excellent mixed use path on Donegani to get there…

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