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Perso j’ai jamais été fan de la couleur bourgogne du RTL / STRSM. Ça a toujours fait vieillot.


You’re not the only one, my partner who lives there doesn’t like it either. I do wish it was a bit brighter, even if it stayed red.

I really like the old Chambly Transport system colours:

What funny is the RTL actually adapted this colour for their redesign network, because it goes so well with the burgundy:

If the RTL were to change to a brighter colour like this I wouldn’t be that against it, as long as text is still legible


I give you, this thing!



The all burgundy RTL logo is now being used on ARTM branding:


Better than the current one for sure.
I would use a bold not italic font for the letters RTL.

The swoosh can represent a stylised L also.


The 90 bus I saw had some hearts on the dot matrix display, I wish they did these things more. I know it’s necessary at all, it was just nice to see, especially since it’s the end of the bus line:


45 was doing it as well, also with the text “Merci pour tout”


I remember squinting so hard to see the Montreal skyline out of the dirty, fogged up small windows in the back of the 45 buses, good times

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This isn’t shared anywhere except for some articles, but there is an RTL bus that stops at all REM stations and goes downtown still, called the 742 bus.

It stops at every single REM station:

  • Terminus Brossard: Quai 20.
  • Du Quartier Station: 2 stops, one at Rue de la Lune / Boul Du Quartier, another at Boul Lapinière / Boul Du Quartier
  • Chevrier Parking: same stops as the previous 90 bus
  • Terminus Panama: either Quai 1, 2, or 3 (no one got on the entire route so the bus just didn’t stop)
  • Terminus Centre-Ville: Quai 21 (where the 45 stopped previously).

Because there’s ZERO info about this anywhere, no one knows about it. This is meant to be a transitional bus, but because there’s no info, no signs, schedules, or anything, no one knows…


Une ligne transitoire, la 742, fera la jonction entre le stationnement Chevrier et le terminus Panama aux 15 minutes en heure de pointe et aux 30 minutes en dehors des heures de pointe, ainsi que la fin de semaine jusqu’au 20 août.

I should clarify, there’s no info this connects to other REM stations, and even that it goes directly downtown

45 and 90 buses have finally been removed from the schedules and displays, now they show just empty


Ça doit être vide pas un peu au TCV :laughing:


Even during rush hours, it’s basically completely empty, with maybe 5 people in the area


The STM should move their bus lines there. Like the 777 and other expresses.

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Sur le compte Facebook du RTL.

Simply excellent.

Courts su’l top pis longs en arrière :notes:
Pour célébrer le retour à l’école et la célèbre coupe Longueuil, le RTL vous offre la coiffure au terminus Longueuil :scissors:
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Imagine the worst thing ever.

Ok, now multiply that by 10, maybe 20.

I present to you the worse map I’ve never seen:

A black and white image for a bus map. There’s no way to differentiate the lines, it’s awful.
What gets worse, is the lines don’t even match the new network.

The entire REM is completely nonexistent. The lines on the map follow the old routes, not even the new ones. There are bus dots over Du Quartier bridge, but no line on the map:
Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 10.07.20 PM

There aren’t any lines visually shown on the map. Bus terminals don’t have points or text describing them. The metro is non existent. Whoever designed this needs to be fired immediately. I’m calling tomorrow to tell them all these issues, because I’m not even sure how to report this to them by email, the issues seem so obvious.


Super-mashdash va encore frapper ! :joy:


They definitely forgot to add a layer to their map. They probably had a new map or something overlayed over the old one. Hopefully they fix it quick

Face à ce qui est arriver à l’ARTM :
RTL : Hold my beer !