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What i wanted to post while biking,

They enhanced the speed on the catenary on the A2 for idk why.

This section is not getting powered up till late 2026 at minimum so idk if it’s because the team literally has nothing else to do…

Not visible in the photos but they are still working on the tracks them self (i guess to be able to drive the catenary équipe)

I still wish for them to open the a2 without yul (even if it’s never happening) (would at least help with the central core)


When you have the catenary supplier and installers already on the ground, it is more efficient and less costly to do it rather than wait till 2026…


Photos des travaux partagées sur le site de NouvLR:

Hiver 2024

Jonction Aéroport et Antenne Anse à l’Orme