Immeubles patrimoniaux (restauration, démolition, façadisme) - Discussion

Makes me wonder why anyone would by heritage properties? Even though the new owners had great intentions and received a permit form the city of Westmount to go ahead with modifications, Heritage Montreal comes along and asks for the work to be suspended. Personally I think this is a travesty, just who does Heritage Montreal represent when that take such actions, certainly does not have any respect for the owners of heritage properties as now they are left with a property they probably wont ever sell for what they purchased it for.

The property was probably protected when they bought it. They should’ve known what they were getting into. It is indeed a big downside of buying heritage property, but it is there for a reason.

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Restauration terminée pour cette jolie rangée de maisons victoriennes (très Brooklyn ou Upper West Side) sur la petite rue Pierce dans Guy-Concordia. Les appartements sont en location.