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Did my internship at MMC. Definitely some good news for those working there, I’m just wondering how this’ll play in with a privatized corridor?

Lol the header pic makes me want to cry: a modern intercity train riding squiggly tracks atop rotting timber ties.


If its anything like we had 350 meters from where I live before they finally reworked the track, it is much worse than that. The list of problems was rather long. Even somebody with minimal expertise could see that there was a major problem. Contaminated ballast, floating track, cracked rail head, nails sticking out high enough to hit the train wheels, missing nails, missing alignment plates, broken rail connector plate… Mind you, I found all of those problems on a few hundred meters of track. They finally went to work after Mégantic, but not before a few wagons jumped the track right in Sherbrooke’s city center. Something tells me that out there, in the wild, far from prying eyes, there are a lot more of those problems to be found.

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