Station Panama

Another option is taking a spot at the vaccination site (old Loblaws), I’ve seen many people use that and walk over to the terminal, but they might ticket you I guess because technically it’s not allowed despite the parking lot being underserved, I understand the annoyance of low parking, especially since the RTL hasn’t improved their bus service and won’t until the REM opens

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Il y a des espace de stationnement qui ont l’indication AOT écrit au sol?

Oui c’est pour Autorité organisatrice de transport… Pour les chauffeurs et employés bref… je trouve ça ridicule au nombre de place de stationnement qu’ils ont et en plus ce sont les plus près de la station du REM… Franchement c’est mettre les usagers au deuxième rang.


Merci. Et en plus il y a des espaces écrit REM. Surement une douzaine de place en tout.

Is it assumed that the AOT parking spaces will eventually be changed to public?

I’m very surprised they decided to put the AOT parking spaces closest to the REM, and not to the northern parking lot

Prenez le TEC, ne venez pas en auto, sauf les chauffeurs et autre employés, qui pourront stationner collé sur le/la terminus/station.

Faites ce qu’on vous dit, pas ce qu’on fait!

Apple Maps already has added rue Philippines to the map, as well as the new parking lots. Very surprising because they’ve only been open for just over a week!

Google maps hasn’t updated yet, I don’t normally use it so I don’t know how long updates like this would take.


Google maps n’ajuste que si quelqu’un le leur fait savoir. Ils ne sont pas super proactifs là-dessus. Apple maps semble être plus réactifs et c’est tout à leur honneur; leurs parts de marchées augmente d’ailleurs!

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Sad I can’t get apple maps to work on my pc :frowning:

Yeah, Google is an advertising company so they have their services on everywhere, while Apple focuses more on hardware and subscriptions, so you need their hardware to use their software which makes it more cut off sadly. I wish Apple Maps was able to be used on all systems to allow for greater competition!


It really does seem like advertising and maintaining web servers is all that they can do.


In the area they put many grass seeds down to grow, mainly on the hill against the highway. Progress on the other bus covering has not progressed since my last visit (holidays), but they have put a curtain in the tunnel for the entrance to Station Panama. The west end of the parking lot is used to pile snow which prevents cars from being able to park there. I believe if they finished the hole in time they’d use that.

Construction workers cars and police cars were regularly parking on the sidewalk instead of in the hundreds of parking spaces or even on the useless bus lane along rue Philippines, and in return and broken one of the new seats:

The ticket book has mics, speakers and glass set up now:

At rue Philippines and Boul Pelletier, the street signal now is automated, where when a car approaches, it changes the light for them, slowing the car down while still not requiring a long wait. Also, in the general area, turning right on red is no longer allowed. I think all these things are due to the REM opening here and increasing the amount of foot traffic, it seems Brossard is finally trying to make the area safe for those outside of a car.


Hah! J’y croirai quand je l’verrai. :wink:


I’m looking at old plans for Terminus Panama, and it seems the goal was always to have around 380 parking spaces:

Surface parking was made because Brossard wants to eventually get rid of the parking. “Projet de développement immobilier toujours en élaboration donc aménagement du stationnement en surface comme mesure transitoire… Aligné aux objectifs de la ville de Brossard visant à minimiser le nombre de places de stationnement… La station offrira un peu plus de 50% de la capacité du stationnement incitatif initialement prévu : les besoins de stationnement du TOD seront pris en compte par son développeur.”


The heaters are on and in every wing of the terminal. Also some of the signs are finally lit up!


Est-ce qu’on sent la chaleur ?
À 3 m au-dessus de la tête j’ai l’impression que c’est une grosse perte d’énergie et d’argent, surtout avec les grandes ouvertures qui vont jusqu’au plafond. La chaleur s’évade rapidement par les portes…

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They’re infrared heaters, like at an ice rink. They heat surfaces, not air.


Not that much if you’re moving, but if you’re waiting in line for the bus you can feel it and it works well. It’s not SUPER warm or anything but it’s more comfortable than no heaters. If there’s wind, then it does cools off, but also there are still closed waiting areas inside (and more that aren’t complete yet). The most you’re outside is maybe 4 minutes so it’s not that bad.


Work is being done just north of the bus terminal, I’m not sure what:

The old parking lot is being taken apart for redevelopment

Mars bar anyone?


Looks like the waiting area is almost all cleared out and could be opened in a few weeks:

Also, just wanted to share that the tiles used on the ground are matte and do really well in the cold (this area is heated but snow would still come in, the doors had snow frozen on them). It was surprisingly not slippery at all!