Station McGill

Je ne suis pas sûre de bien comprendre, ce passage c’est bien la passerelle préexistante entre Trust et eaton non ? Le plan semble indiquer que le passage sera beaucoup plus large et ouvert d’un côté, donc il y a projet de détruire les murs de la passerelle pour l’intégrer aux couloirs de la station ?

They’ve already removed the walls under Avenue McGill College after making the frame of the station (I believe 2021), they’re now expanding the hallways leading up to this passage. On Place Montreal Trust’s side, they’ve expanded the hallway Fall 2022. Eaton Centre expanded a portion of it that has the businesses (opened a few months ago), and now are working on the ramp portion.

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A crane arrived above the site:

Here are photos of this construction:

From the Montreal Trust side we can see clearly how wide the hallway will be eventually:


On Eaton Centre’s side (facing Montreal Trust) the ramp leads down to a concrete wall (to the right is the passage). I believe they might remove it in the future to widen the hallway fully. Straight ahead to the left slightly is where the ticketing area will be for the REM:


I don’t think tracks are installed yet:


Did they remove the temp elevator recently or it’s been a while? That could signal some sort of “progress” I guess??

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Looks like you’re right, they seemed to have removed the elevator. This is all a guess but maybe it was used during the winter and now they can just use a crane through the opening? Not sure

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The ramp is still not complete, although the floor was added behind the wall. It seemed they were doing structuring work underneath it, as when I checked over a week ago there was a large hole (this was visible through an opening in the wall).

On the Montreal Trust side, a new wall is going up. This is where 2 rows of doors will be added, to allow them to close the mall but keep the REM open at night: