Station Kirkland

Yep I noticed… right after the new window was installed! I guess they don’t want us seeing the landscaping and installation of the last slats

It wouldn’t make any sense to remove it because they “don’t want to show us it” when anyone can go in person and take photos lol

I was being sarcastic about the “they don’t want us seeing”, I doubt that they are trying to hide anything.
However, I did notice that the camera took a few photos while obstructed by a bag or box before being disabled and they later removed those useless pictures.

My hypothesis is that they took down the pole the camera was attached to.
As we can see in the last few pictures, they started work around the pole the camera was mounted to, and maybe they needed to take it down so they just disabled the camera.

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Photos des travaux partagées sur le site de NouvLR:

Station Kirkland - Hiver 2024

Cette photo date bien puisque la station est déjà couverte de lattes, mais on a quand même un angle différent de d’habitude.



So huge.

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When they say that this station is a spotlight on Highway 40, they aren’t kidding


As a bonus, it seems like the Devisubox camera is back to working! I emailed last week about several cameras that stopped but I didn’t hear back yet, not sure if that’s what helped it.


Awesome tenacity @moretrains