Station Île-des-Soeurs

While i get the frustration, i wont lie when I say it doesnt look like the dropoff area adds more than about 10-15 seconds of extra walking to get to the bus area, so its placement doesnt honestly seem like much of a real issue to me personally.

What seems way more egregious as the others mentioned is the lack of bus shelters… those better be up asap


The new REM website confirms only 20 bike racks at the station:

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Won’t be enough!
Malgré qu’on peut embarquer avec nos vélos dès la mise en service.

Sinon @Begratto : l’arrondissement a-t-il des plans pour installer des supports supplémentaires dans le secteur?

J’espère que le texte sera modifié quand le site fera son « Go Live », car ce n’est pas ce qui a été communiqué lors de la visite :frowning:



Que la Marche à vide commence se soir mes amis !! :smile: :point_up:


Le terrain autour de la station ne nous appartient pas, malheureusement.

Toutefois, quand le projet Cité de l’île sera construit, il comportera un stationnement vélo intérieur (du genre à la hollandaise, mais à plus petite échelle).

En attendant on dépend du bon vouloir de la CDPQ-infra. Ce n’est pas qu’on ne leur a pas dit que ça ne serait pas suffisant, pourtant!!!


Bus stops going up!

And the whole area around:


Closer pictures of the bus shelters:

The Champlain Bridge Street has been fully paved and levels up with the pedestrian area leading up to the station:

For those wondering what sitting accommodations are located near the entrance, I counted at least 6 small benches and 1 longer bench:


As for the other side, not much has changed. Fencing is still up and the bus shelter hasn’t been installed yet (I didn’t take a picture of the space where it will be located).


I have a feeling the fence will be moved and this path will open on the 22nd of June. The only reason why I think that is because the multi-use path over the bridge is supposed to be closed on June 18th until then

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They’ve installed the traffic lights and painted the road.
Pont Champlain street is now two way, with an elevated intersection near the station
The bus shelters also have heating


Mark we must’ve missed each other by a few minutes! I was gonna go take similar pics but I saw a few construction workers around and decided to not bother.
They’ve done a great job with the integration of the station IMO.


Haha, those construction workers do sometimes also scare me off.
Overall, I really like the area too


I was just there too! Except a few hours after you @ComradeMark haha