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CREECO and Cogir Real Estate unveil a new mixed-use project

By Building Last updated Nov 30, 2021

CREECO, the parent company of Eeyou Eenou Realty Properties Inc. (EERP), in partnership with Cogir Real Estate unveiled Odea Montreal, a mixed-use project designed by Lemay, in collaboration with Douglas Cardinal.

Photo credit: Cogir Real Estate

The site, owned by the James Bay Cree since 1995, has witnessed the revitalization of the neighbourhood and will reflect the Cree’s desire to participate in community development.

“We are extremely proud to work on this project with Cogir Real Estate, and for our communities to participate in creating benefits for their members and for future generations.” said Derrick Neeposh, President of the Cree Regional Economic Enterprises Company CREECO).

Photo credit: Cogir Real Estate

The 25-storey project will include 264 rental apartments, and 171 condominiums for sale. The name of the project, Odea, is based on the Cree word “ode”, meaning canoe, which explains the subtle and stylized symbol of the canoe to be featured in the architecture.

“I am proud to see my nation’s contribution to the Montreal skyline with an innovative and forward-thinking project that will not only showcase the history of the Cree nation, but more importantly will also create space for indigenous organizations and entities. The Odea Montreal project is the first of its kind and will be an economic driving force with endless opportunities for additional investment” said Mandy Gull, Grand Chief, Cree Nation Government.

The future occupants will be surrounded by bold and functional common spaces, including an artist’s studio in collaboration with the Darling Foundry art complex, green spaces, two rooftop pools, and a sky lounge.

Odea Montreal project site Robert-Bourassa Boulevard corner Ottawa Street | Photo credit: Cogir Real Estate

Site preparation for construction is already underway, and Odea Montreal is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2024.

“We are delighted to be part of this major real estate project along with experienced developer and visionary, Cogir Real Estate, that will provide a new cultural diversity for the City of Montreal,” said Randy Bosum, President of EERP. “We look forward to playing an active role in this development, and we are optimistic that this project will be a success.”


Oui mais j’y vois aussi une très habile politicienne qui saute sur l’occasion de souligner la contribution d’un groupe particulier d’investisseurs. On aurait présenté un projet moins esthétique à la place mais je pense que le message aurait été le même en quelque sorte.

Je ne suis pas entièrement convaincu de la conversion de l’intérêt subit de Mme Plante pour l’architecture. Si c’était le cas, elle devrait donner son avis un peu plus souvent sur d’autres projets. Il serait intéressant de connaître ce côté là de sa vision du développement de la ville à l’exception des pistes cyclables utilisées par 0,0000001% de la population en hiver et 1M en été.



Rien d’extraordinairement nouveau, mais quelques rendus sur le site de Lemay:


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And it seems to be based on estimates from eco-counter inc.

Also, what does this sidebar have to do with Odea?


If we are going to go off-topic, does anybody else hate the name as much as I do? It is odieux.

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Même chose avec la compagnie Française de transport : Keolis. Quand je vois leurs autobus ici je me dis ils aurait dû faire un changement de nom, parce que Kéoliss que ça fait dur :joy:


omg j’avoue que j’ai trouvé ça crampant :joy: Maintenant je ne peux pas ne pas le voir!


Selon ce lien, il y aura un musée dans ce projet. Avons-nous d’autres informations à ce sujet?


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