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[🛳 Navette fluviale] Grâce à l’excellent service de l’opérateur NAVARK, vous avez été nombreux à découvrir la navette fluviale reliant le Parc de la Promenade-Bellerive à Boucherville [edit: gratuitement] samedi dernier et nous vous en remercions. 👏

En quelques chiffres :

• 14 allers-retours dans la journée

• 1790 personnes ont embarqué à bord des navettes, dont 390 enfants

• 137 vélos ont été transportés

Nous vous rappelons que plusieurs liaisons sont prolongées pour encore plusieurs semaines! Profitez-en pour utiliser le service des navettes fluviales qui est une belle alternative de transport en commun et une belle façon de réduire notre empreinte écologique.

Pour en savoir plus ➡️…/

Pas tout à fait une “navette fluviale”… :upside_down_face:


Île Bigras ou Île Bizard ?

Parce qu’elle ne traverse pas le fleuve ou parce qu’elle est tirée par câble? Je ne pense pas qu’aucune de ces particularités la disqualifie de la définition d’une navette fluviale.

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Tiré (plutôt propulsé) par le courant; celui-ci est un bac à traille, un traversier guidé par le cable.

It’s always a rougher landing on the LslL side, because of the stronger current.



Is it impossible to have water transportation during winter?
The possibilities are endless to increase public transit.
It would require better connections to the existing metro and upcoming REM. These new connections would require much less investment
From the Old Port to Champ de Mars.
Or to the Longueuil line which runs below.

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I’ve long thought about this, but the simple fact is that the banks freeze long before the main channels do, and the ice layer gets thick and virtually unbreakable rather quickly (unlike in the channels). Notably, most of the origins and destinations — other than summer tourist areas — along the St-Laurent are quite disconnected from the banks; along the Back River and des Mille-Îles, riverside O-Ds are better served by bridges, like the long-proposed pedestrian and cyclist bridge from Île-Bizard to Ste-Dorothée or the planned (:crossed_fingers:t3:) repurposing of the CN Back River Bridge from Pierrefonds to Île-Bigras.

How I’d love for a Montreal ferry transit system similar to those exploited by so many waterfront world cities such as Sydney, Vancouver, Brisbane, Istanbul, Oslo, Seattle, and on and on, but our weather precludes much more than seasonal service, and our city’s layout currently mitigates its usefulness as a means of daily transit.

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And frankly, if there was a better way to get to Lonsdale, Vancouver would gladly ditch the Seabus (slow, infrequent, expensive to operate).

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I disagree that it’s slow and infrequent. 10-20 minute headways, 12 minute crossing time, effortless transfer from the SkyTrain. It’s pretty great as far as ferry services go.

Of course it would be much better if the Canada Line was extended across the water and right up Lonsdale, but the depth of Burrard Inlet and the topography of North Van makes that pretty unfeasible.

As far as the navettes fluviales here are concerned, I took them for the first time this summer and it’s pretty fantastic. If the season was extended to the max (March–December?) it could be a viable transportation alternative and a boon for waterfront development.

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Hovercraft service plans to take passengers between Toronto and Niagara in 30 minutes

I wish I could agree more.

Properly integrated with our existing active and public transit networks, and with a more realistic operating season — I mean, our bike paths are cleared of snow and ice more efficiently than the roads, so don’t tell me rider comfort is an obstacle during the colder months — river transit could be the next big revolution in the way Montrealers get around.

What we see in so many world cities is that ferries and water shuttles are so common and so efficient that they are practically taken for granted. We should strive for such rote acceptance of decent public transit, in every form imaginable.

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Yves Desautels vient d’annoncer à l’émission Le 15-18 que les navettes qui avaient arrêté leur service cette semaine vont reprendre demain. La saison se terminera le 16 octobre pour l’ensemble des navettes.