Condos Mansfield - 19 étages

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J’aime bien le passage à coté du Sunlife building. J’aurais préféré qu’ils aient dégagé l’entière façade par contre. Les étages en porte-à-faux ne sont pas nécessaires et créeront une barrière visuelle sur le passage.

It would be nice if they turned the alley into a gallery, a pleasant place to actually be, and to shop or have a coffee or eat something. Like the laneways projects in Australia or the UK.


That would be great. Sadly there doesn’t seem to be many incentives for that to happen. There’s already an alley that would be perfect – Place Mount Royal next to the Cours Mont-Royal. It’s nicely paved with brick and would be ideal for outdoor dining, but at the moment there’s an Au Pain Doré with a small terrace and nothing else along it. I think it will take a dedicated project from the city, or a really passionate developer, to see something like what Melbourne has.