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Quebec has refused a request by Montreal’s transit agency to fund new projects after 2026.

A mobility advocate says the province has refused a recent request to fund more elevators in the métro network and, unless there is a change in course, she fears making the métro universally accessible will be set back by years.

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) wants to continue with the third and fourth phases of the métro accessibility project. But without funding from Quebec, Marie Turcotte, the director general of Ex aequo, says she fears the momentum for equipping new stations with elevators will come to a halt, as no new projects are planned after 2026. Worse, the STM could be at risk of losing the specialized team of experts that plans such projects.


Why is there no laws on forcing UA in place that would force the hand on the gov on this… Ugggggg


What a bunch of ******** Sérieusement, à quand une loi pour forcer l’accessibilité universelle ? Vraiment inacceptable de la part du gouvernement.


On est littéralement avec les experts LIVE, ce qui veux dire qu’on n’est plus à l’étape de recrutement et entraînements.

On ne peut avoir de coût plus bas que ce qu’on as…

Canceller le projet va vouloir dire que les prix vont monter à l’astronomique à nouveau et on va être poignée à ne jamais avoir les moyens de financer ça à la fin…


Pourquoi est-ce que le Gouvernement du Québec semble tout faire pour mettre des bâtons dans les roues du transport en commun. Déjà que le MTQ est affreux en terme d’aménagement urbain, on a pas besoin de coupure de budget pour empirer le tout…

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Well seems like cdpqi still can’t keep the elevators reliable at Brossard

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Brossard elevators are getting even worst now

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At this point i feel like asking a info request to the stm&exo to see it’s elevator reliability


Would be nice to be able to compare yeah

Why is there no dedicated thread for the metro elevator works? Or maybe I couldn’t find it lol. Here is some progress at Atwater!

The dep that was there before has been dismantled, but I’m not sure I can figure out what the new layout of the station will be.


Je me demande pourquoi les travaux prennent autant de temps lol, ça fait plus de 4 mois. Rien n’a changé depuis le 9 mars :sweat_smile:.

On travaille vraiment fort sur le fait de vouloir travailler fort /s


Sooo if your in need for an elevator, Avoid Brossard at all cost it seems


As requested here’s the stm elevators in comparison


I’ll include this here because it’s relating to accessibility, I’m very very happy to see NaviLens being introduced into exo’s signage. This needs to be adopted across all ARTM signage in my opinion. Basically, it’s similar to a QR code that is for the visually impaired. The bright colours are easy to identify (most people visually impaired can see shapes and colours, not enough to read signage though), and users just scan it and then it reads out what the signs say.


I tried it, and it’s very impressive! The descriptions even include real-time departures! (See last picture.)