Terry Townhouses - 2 étages (2023)

Projet de 7 maisons de ville à côté de l’école primaire Terry Fox.


Nom: Terry Townhouses
Emplacement: 13357 Boul. Gouin O.
Promoteur: Le Groupe Delvan
Début et fin de la construction: Livraison fin 2022

Sources des informations: https://devlan.ca/projects/terry/

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Small project that takes up an old landscaping business.

My parents live in the immediate neighbourhood and as soon as the sign went up neighbours started visiting them asking them to complain to city hall.


Did they explain why? What are the legitimate, rational, thoughtful reasons they’re against those 7 townhouses?

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Complain about what ? They prefer the noise of the greenhouse fans ? The constant trucks ? The dust form the sand & ground ? They preferred the vas-et-vient of all the customers ? So those neighbours of your parents don’t want the tranquility of 7 new household instead ? Weird

My dad told me that it was one of the immediate neighbours that was upset about being able to see in their windows and that it blocks sunlight and that it’s “too much”. It’s a physically larger structure than the building it replaces so I guess that’s it?

A house was just abandoned and boarded up on the same block with a surprisingly large piece of land… If I were a betting man, I would expect at least a similar project if not a small apartment building. I’m curious what would happen then. Not to mention the strip mall a little east that’s been pretty dead since the Metro left like 10 years ago.

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When I was born my parents had been living in a house just east of Fredmir for just over a year already, a model home they bought when it went on the market in 1965. When I was a kid, the little shopping centre was a local hub of activity, with a Dominion supermarket where the Y is right now, and a United department store at the other end. In the “centre” was Centre Drugs, and flanking it on either side were a barber, cobbler, hair dresser and a Royal Bank branch, along with a delicatessen and others. I’ve long thought that this property would be an ideal candidate for a mixed-use overhaul, with a setback mid rise residential building and street-level commerces and services. The meandering 205 runs right by it, while it’s a short stroll to the 68/468 Express on Pierrefonds.

Mom passed last summer, and after 57 years, the house at the end of Francis street will soon welcome its second owners. :confused:


I used to work at the IGA in that little mall until it closed down.
I agree so much with you that this place could be easily rebuilt as a mixed-used place with 4-5 storey high. With almost to no paring to add some green space. Something like that (excuse me my non talent in paint)


I think that’s absolutely what it needs (Maybe even 6 stories). The only concern I have is that this location isn’t that well served by transit. Its not the worst, but I think adding an express route that goes from Roxboro to Fairview via bus lanes on Pierrefonds and St-Jean would be helpful, or add a fair bit more frequency on the 205. l and could make this a hell of a lot easier to densify a lot without necessarily adding a lot of cars.

That or just build fewer spots, but idk how easily that’ll pass.

I think the parking for residences would necessarily go underground, with a few dozen spots outdoors for the commercial establishments.

I want to see the lot split in half, connecting Paramount to Fredmir, and add some sidewalks. Make it more permeable for bus and pedestrians.

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Went to Momma this weekend and I happened to get an update on that abandoned building… I was a little too optimistic. It’s a big plot of land that’s going to be (to my eye) underutilized.

I’m not sure if this project deserves it’s own thread?


Basically done! Cute little project that’ll be able to welcome 7 families!


Wow ! Two-story townhouses, great density.

Don’t know if you got the email, but Jardins Cléroux Botanix is shutting down for good this fall, after 65 years. They also owned the land where Terry now sits — the office for their landscaping department, Terra-Décor Paysagiste, was in a small bungalow fronting Gouin — so it’s very likely they were made an offer they could not refuse for the land where the garden centre currently resides.

PS: @Ricky do you happen to have an Italian last name?

My father mentioned it in case I needed something on liquidation, and funny enough said the same thing exactly with respect to the land. We’ll need to keep an eye on that for some nice project.

And nope, not Italian!

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