Recouvrement de l'A25 à Anjou

Just disqualify BirdAir from the bidding process and we should be fine.


For the moment I agree with what you outlined, but at a certain point, as that part of the city becomes more desirable and populated, the pressure to do so will build to a point, in my opinion, where the costs will seem justified. But we will have to see.

I do not see any scenario where the land and eventual construction rights created by a lid on Decarie would be worth its costs. There are and will be a lot of cheaper places to build.
Even the Ville-Marie tunnel isn’t worth the ‘land’ it creates, thus only public buildings gets erected on top of it (CHUM, Palais Congrès, CDPQ, OACI).

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As with anything, the worth of something is in the eye of the beholder. You might not see the worth of such land, but there are plenty who do.

You mention that plenty see value on land above a covered highway, which is 4+ kilometers from downtown, in a mostly low-mid rise sector.

Can you name a few?

Montreal is not New York, where land and development rights are so costly that private projects such as Hudson Yard are financially possible.

If you want to make that argument, then allow me to introduce you to highway 401 in Windsor Ontario.

Population: 233,000

Clearly, monetary value isn’t the reason why those were built. Money isn’t the only thing that we value.


I suppose if the calculation you are making is in regards to the value of the new land these coverings produce, then that is one way to see it. If so, it is also worth considering the way such coverings would also augment the value and desirability of the entire neighbourhoods they run through, which would be a significant increase. However, another lens is also the way such coverings would benefit quality of life, which is hard to put a price tag on. As we know, governments, especially Montreal and Quebec, are willing to spend huge amounts of money on projects which augment quality of life but provide no monetary value increase. This impetus has been the motivation for nearly all the coverings we have seen so far (as well as Coderre’s previously proposed one over Decarie). That said, given that monetary value would surely increase, given all the considerations you have mentioned and I have just mentioned, I do not think it is so far out of reach. But anyways, this is all speculation.


De ce que je comprends, ce projet est en gestation depuis très longtemps et donc n’est pas lié à la campagne électorale, même si la CAQ le présente tel quel.