Quartier Dalia - 3 à 7 étages

Projet de Quorum totalisant 147 unités de typologies variées situé à proximité du Royalmount et de Cité Midtown. La conception comprend une démarche de consultation publique.


Autre nom: Quorum Bourdon
Emplacement: 1956 Bourdon
Hauteur: 8*3 étages + 7 étages

  • Forme Studio
  • Fahey

Promoteur: Quorum
Début et fin de la construction: 2021 / 2022
Dates importantes:

  • 2020-06-27/30 : Consultations publiques à l’initiative du promoteur
  • 2021-02-02: Adoption de la résolution (3e lecture)
  • Été 2021: Lancement du projet

Autres informations:

  • 147 unités de formes variées
  • Couverture végétale de 40%
  • Densité de 88 Log. / ha

Sources des informations:


Plan d'ensemble

Autres images

Design préliminaire

Pour info, le PPCMOI a été adopté en dernière lecture le 2 février dernier.

Le doc de présentation de l’arrondissement (rien de nouveau):

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Le projet s’appelle Dhalia.


Le lancement officiel est prévu à l’été 2021.

Les travaux d’infrastructure débuteront quant à eux à l’automne 2021 afin de permettre la livraison des premières unités à l’été 2022.

Le projet s’est payé une info-pub sur le site de la Gazette

Project of the week: Dalia Townhouses & Condominiums

Author of the article: Ursula Leonowicz • Postmedia Content Works
Publishing date: Nov 22, 2021 • 23 minutes ago • 4 minute read

Dalia Townhouses & Condominiums is an amazing neighbourhood in the making in Saint-Laurent.

Dalia Townhouses & Condominiums is an amazing neighbourhood in the making in Saint-Laurent. Photo by supplied

Strategically located in the centre of metropolitan Montreal, near the second most important employment hub in the province, is a new development worth checking out. Dalia Townhouses & Condominiums is not only one of Saint-Laurent’s most anticipated residential developments, but it’s also a great neighbourhood in the making.

“When you enter the Dalia district, it’s going to feel like a small community with its own identity,” says the association design director for Quorum Bourdon Inc., Maxime Laporte, about the new development slated for delivery in 2023 and 2024.

“With its two types of housing that will house a total of 177 units (134 condominiums and 43 townhouses) and be covered by 50 per cent green space, Quorum Bourdon Inc.’s project in Saint-Laurent is an integral part of the area’s redevelopment from the industrialized area it once was into the sustainable, transport-oriented district it is becoming.”

In addition to upping the number of trees on the concrete-covered lot from four to over 50, Quorum Bourdon Inc. plans on equipping Dalia with a huge private courtyard with landscaping, green rooftops, and solar panels.

The builders of Dalia Townhouses & Condominiums are also pursing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for the project, which is a first for them. This is especially exciting because they have been a pioneer in the real estate industry for over three decades, launching several neighbourhoods like Griffintown.

The project also boasts beautiful townhouses immersed in green spaces.

The project also boasts beautiful townhouses immersed in green spaces. Photo by Supplied


Over the years, we’ve really tried to focus on midtown areas that are close to public transportation,” explains Laporte about the project’s precise localization near du College metro station as well as two major highways: the Metropolitan and Décarie expressways.

“The midtown neighbourhoods are also better suited for the type of low-density project that Dalia is, with its intimate mix of townhouses and condos.”

Centrally located just a few minutes from downtown, Technopark Montréal, and Montréal-Trudeau International Airport, Dalia Townhouses & Condominiums is also perfectly positioned near a school, a new park, a cycling path, and the upcoming Royalmount development.

The Royalmount project, which includes plans for stores, office space, movie theatres, restaurants, and flagship businesses, will help propel the borough into the future and make Dalia even more appealing and valuable to investors.

“There’s a lot of development in the area and it’s going to be growing in popularity, and value,” says Laporte. “You can see it in the skyline, with the cranes. It reminds me a little of the beginnings of Griffintown, except Saint-Laurent will never become overdeveloped like it has.”

Currently, says Laporte, a prospective buyer can purchase a two-bedroom condo in Saint-Laurent for the same price as a one bedroom in downtown Montreal.

Architecture and design

The contemporary project designed by FormStudio Architects has a light colour palette and a high-quality mix of materials that includes brick and metal. It will be centered around a main public courtyard and includes a private road, for residents, to facilitate ease of access.

The refined design immerses residents in beauty and luxury aesthetics.

The refined design immerses residents in beauty and luxury aesthetics. Photo by supplied

With its intimate mix of backyards and walking paths leading from the project’s 43 townhouses to the outdoor pool, Dalia is the perfect blend of urban and suburban living.

“It’s the ultimate opportunity for someone who wants to live in a townhouse and have a swimming pool but without any maintenance,” Laporte says.

The condominium will also have an urban chalet on the rooftop with a breathtaking view of Mount-Royal and a two-storey glassed-in lobby that creates a clear visual path on the ground level.

Townhouses and Condos

All the project’s units will come with a refined design aesthetic and large windows opening onto balconies, in the condos, and beautiful backyards in the townhouses.

Open concept living areas with 9-foot ceilings, signature cabinetry, sinks and plumbing, and quartz countertops and backsplashes are planned for all of the condominiums. They also include ceramic flooring in the bathrooms.

Amenities like a beautiful swimming pool are available for residents’ use.

Amenities like a beautiful swimming pool are available for residents’ use. Photo by supplied


Striking the perfect balance between convenience and value, Dalia Townhouses & Condominiums will come with a fully equipped gym, outdoor pool, urban chalet, private courtyard, and lots of greenery—appropriately including a garden of dahlias.

Delivery and sales office

Pre-sales for Dalia Townhouses & Condominiums are currently underway, and the project is slated for delivery in 2023 for the townhouses and 2024 for the condos. The presentation pavilion is located at 1956 Bourdon St., Montreal, QC, H4M 1V1.

For more information, visit quartierdalia.com .

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