Le Montfort (rénovation) - 25 étages (2023)

Rénovation et transformation de l’ancien hôtel construit en 1969. L’immeuble comptera 230 logements.


Nom: Le Montfort
Emplacement: 1975 de Maisonneuve Ouest, coin de la rue du Fort
Hauteur: 25 étages
Architecte: Kiva
Promoteur: Akelius Montreal
Début et fin de la construction: 2022 / 2023
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  • 230 logements

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Juin 2022 - Streetview


Logements abordables j’espère…

Really happy that there’s been a few renovations announced, too many commie blocks in the city. Still wish they added art on the sides or made it less heavy on the eyes though.


Honestly this is probably still a controversial opinion in Montréal, but I don’t mind the form of these towers at all. Tastes change and I know that brutalism will absolutely come around to mainstream tastes eventually, no matter what we think of it today. It happens to every architectural style. And when it does, we’ll really appreciate that we hit the development sweet spot in the 70s to have all this raw concrete everywhere. With this building I especially love the design of the top, and most of these buildings just need a bit of rejuvenation to be fully appreciated


Good to see renovation and a refresh of buildings like this.

I don’t mind Brutalism if it’s done right and in the right location. The Langelier Métro station exits for instance would be fine if they were downtown but they’ve never suited the somewhat urban/“suburban” area they are in. They’re much too concrete heavy in contrast to the houses and buildings around it at least on the western side. I hope if eventually they add elevators to the station they opt to replace the entrances with ones that are similar to the open and airy glass structures they just did for Mont-Royal, although one could argue that too is out of place. Maybe brick and wood?

On the other end the renovation of Place Bonaventure seemed appropriate from a business perspective making it attractive to potential customers but did we really destroy the vision of the original architects? In this case I have mixed feelings on it.

This particular building though seems about right. They’re keeping the core style, it’s reflective of the city’s 70’s architecture and arguably attractive for that brutal style. At least the consistency is there.



Les travaux sont toujours en cours. On peut tout de même voir que les balcons sont terminés: