Westbury 9 - 12 étages

Devmont souhaite réaliser par PPCMOI un projet résidentiel de 328 logements en remplacement d’un immeuble commercial. Le promoteur développe actuellement le projet Westbury, adjacent à celui-ci.


Emplacement: 4955-5055, avenue de Courtrai
Hauteur: 12 étages
Architecte: ACDF
Promoteur: Devmont
Début et fin de la construction:
Dates importantes:

  • 2022-10-12 : Avis préliminaire du CCU (PPCMOI)

Autres informations:

  • 328 logements

Sources des informations:




A corollary, then: these properties won’t look like this for long…



Come oooon exo station!


Very true. Not only is half of that pink space already slated for development (as can be seen on the 5000 Jean Talon topic), but this whole area is right across the expressway from the new hippodrome development and the (admittedly vague) 5400 Jean Talon proposal. With all this going on, there would be a strong argument to connect Namur station with a much needed new Exo station nearby, which you also mentioned. It is only a matter of time before the rest of the area you highlighted, as well as the block across Jean Talon where the station is located, is developed. Maybe even cover those two blocks of Decarie between the train tracks and Pare, to create a seamless neighbourhood. One can dream!


I think this is something we should be evaluating anywhere around the Décarie we’re looking to develop, particularly within walking distance to a Métro Station. Covering even 400m stretches here and there with parks could make a huge differences in the area making the Décarie (and therefore land near the orange line) much more attractive to development.

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Moreover, and importantly, the provincial government has shown its willingness to cover autoroutes bits at a time, as we can see by the CaAQ’s “porte de l’est” proposal in Anjou.

I don’t know if we can call it ‘‘willingness’’ or electoral opportunity for the Anjou cover. If they were willing, they would have shown a concrete plan for Ville-Marie that we all wait for decade for a cover over it, same for Décarie, they would have proposed more ideas for segments for this on. The 25 was never really an issue before they came with their ‘’ Porte de l’Est’’ proposal.

I would be convince if the governement propose something for this location, since there is litteraly project going on on each side of the this sector and it will keep increase more & more.

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Wow! Là ça devient intéressant!
Autant les premières phases sont complètement démoralisantes, autant là on s’approche d’une architecture de qualité. Bien heureux que ACDF prenne le relais!


Juste dommage qu’il sera un peu en retrait du reste du quartier, et que c’est le Hilton qui sera plus visible.

Notez également qu’on parle d’une passerelle intégrée au-dessus de la voie du CP.


Wow, magnifique. J’espère vraiment que cela se réalisera tel quel, ou presque. Et si ce projet ne sera pas visible de Décarie, alors il sera intéressant de faire le petit détour afin de voir un petit bijou bien caché hors des sentiers battus.