Station Panama - Discussion

Looks like the waiting area is almost all cleared out and could be opened in a few weeks:

Also, just wanted to share that the tiles used on the ground are matte and do really well in the cold (this area is heated but snow would still come in, the doors had snow frozen on them). It was surprisingly not slippery at all!


Thanks for these frequent “site inspections” that many (most) of us can’t get to see in person. Very much appreciated!


A spot for the ARTM Map was added, as well as more glass at the ticket booth:

A section of the terminal is cleared out. Because the seated area isn’t opened yet, people just awkwardly stand here and look outside at the plaza:

Because it’s night, it lets me see through the anti-see through glass and into the RTL office at the end of the terminal:


Nice (apart from the leading) new totem near the dropoff loop.


Ça m’irrite que le STOP et le panneau se bloquent mutuellement. la vue.


Wow it looks AMAZING :star_struck:

I’ll check it out at night when I’m back in Montreal to see what it’s like when it glows

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Je comprend tellement le commentaire du leading !
Mes yeux saignent souvent quand je regarde de l’affichage et tout autres formes d’impressions.

L’interlignage (leading) et le crénage (kerning) est un art qui c’est perdu avec la disparition des typographe et «l’automatisation» de la typographie par les logiciels de mise en page.


A long-departed friend of the family was a graphic artist and letterer, having designed some of the most famous logos of some internationally-renowned Canadian companies. He even designed a logo for a small company I started in the 1980s, to use on my business cards and stationary, and at the time I gave him my ideas, he explained all about leading and kerning, and he also mentioned that it’s a dying art form. Good memories.


They’ve updated the lights to match the rest of the REM!

Only change I saw besides that was a new RTL branded hand sanitizing station:


Je suis allé faire un tour hier, j’ai pris des photos.

Il n’y a toujours pas aucun gros logo du REM nul part. Bon c’est pas ça qui va empêcher d’ouvrir mais j’ai hâte de les voir! (Je parle d’un panneau lumineux comme celui du métro ou de quoi de similaire)

Aussi, je remarque que le tunnel d’accès est quand même assez encombré de matériaux de construction et de machinerie. Le pavé est en place mais il en manque à certains endroits, probablement pour y mettre du mobilier ou je-ne-sais-trop-quoi. Il doit y en avoir pour quelques jours de travaux.


C’est comme du coté de l’autoroute 10, il y a toujours une voie de retranchée devant la station Panama et IDS malgré que la construction des stations est «terminée»

There’s also a broken seat (from all the construction vehicles that would park on the pedestrian plaza before it opened), I hope they get it fixed before the opening of the REM, because it would be a shame if that’s one of people’s first impressions of it (it’s just a single seat but after all the delays people would notice that)

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They’re now continuing work, and moving the maintenance hole over to under the street, as I predicted:

The stop sign currently blocking Terminus Panama I believe will be moved to where the red post is:

In the bus terminal, there’s a new place for a map, located by the plaza:

On the other side in Sector T, the crosswalk to the REM pathway/bus stop has completely faded out. There still isn’t a ramp on the other side of the street too:

Finally, the pathway has all the lights installed, and is now fenced off (with a lock):