Station Gare Centrale

signifie qu’ils ne ferment que si vous essayez de traverser sans payer ? Style japonais?

No I don’t think so. If you look at the message from Île-des-Soeurs, they don’t close if someone doesn’t tap their card. Same is true for Panama when I saw someone didn’t tap. I think it is just temporary until they enable the doors.


This has been the case for a few weeks I believe now, but Parks Canada finally approved the signs on the walls, so they’ve added plenty:

But the sticker the ARTM had to the metro (in Place Bonaventure) fell off, and I’ve already seen people getting lost yet again…

I plan on calling them about this tomorrow, and if nothing is done, I’ll once again add my own sticker


I called the ARTM, it just went to a voicemail, so I left a message saying the sign needs to be replaced. Maybe others could call as well to nudge them. I plan on emailing them about it as well.

I also emailed the CDPQ Media Relations, who I was in contact with before when I installed the first signs (they told me before to remove them, and I said I will if the ARTM adds their own signs). I told them to please pass the message to the ARTM, and also noted that the press about the signs is on the ARTM and not the REM:

My email to the ARTM is almost identical but the last paragraph is a bit more direct:

Hopefully this will push them to add more permanent signage, and not stickers


They seem to have thankfully received the message and already ordered a new sign:


Au niveau de la Place Bonaventure, après être sorti par la «sortie de secours», on construisait ce matin un nouveau mur.
À voir ce que sera l’intention et le resultat de ce mur.


C’est vrai que le collant respectait tellement l’héritage de la Gare Centrale :slight_smile:


Ce n’est pas une question d’esthétique, plus d’installation je crois. J’imagine que le collant abime peu comparativement à de la signalisation rigide qui nécessite des travaux mineurs.

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I’m told the escalator going into the main hall won’t be functional until the next phase of the REM. It doesn’t seem to be an issue in terms of traffic so it’s probably fine, I wish it could open earlier though!

Also, the small old elevators by the food court are still functional apparently, and you can take them down to the REM if you wanted… they still have old stickers saying Mascouche and Deux-Montagnes. I haven’t verified this myself though. It’s strange there isn’t anything saying to use these if the main elevator is out of service


There’s going to be a door added between the metro and the backrooms basement of Place Bonaventure. I’m guessing it’s so they can make it one way, although not sure yet…

Every time I exit here I press the buttons on the doors to keep them unlocked for someone trying to enter. The fare gates accept fares too so they can still pay the REM entering “illegally”


They are also continuing the wall near the REM exit, I presume they will box in the REM doors with the only option will be going to the métro or directly outdoor. (they removed their other wall so the outdoor exit is now available.
I guess they don’t want people to wear out their “nice” brown carpets!


Or go to their empty hallways without any shops! Very inviting of them! (I’m being sarcastic if it’s not clear)


Hopefully it might be to make a proper entrance instead of these two “emergency exit” doors that lead to the REM?

I know I know, je rêve en couleur

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It’s not that unfortunately.


I really wish we knew what their plan is

If they do that couldn’t they open the doors to allow people in?

Une photo du mur qu’ils construisent.
On voit au plancher les indications de l’emplacement du reste du mur à construire.

Sur les deux collants au plancher en avant plan est écrit le mot porte.

Donc les escaliers ont été réouverte (le mur enlevé) pour diriger les gens le plus vite possible à l’extérieur de l’édifice.

Est-ce que les nouvelles portes vers l’intérieur de l’édifice seront accessibles ? À voir.


How can a building owner not be business smart and see a opportunity for opening shops or attracting business?

Place Bonaventure is like a recluse, livings in the woods, but in the middle of downtown.


They’re not idiots, everything is for rent. The problem is no one is renting.

Even businesses on Maisonneuve aren’t thriving, so imagine an underground transit exit.


I think they mostly just need one or two businesses for people to actually go there, then more will come, as people will actually go to Place Bonaventure. Them making it not inviting at all is very strange though