Station Du Quartier - Discussion

Am I the only one questioning by the seats are located in the centre of the passage? Wouldn’t it make more sense to place them on the side to let people see through the glass?

Yeah. Fairview is a little more distinctive and recognizable than “the neighborhood”. (please STM don’t name your new station on Pie-IX: Le Boulevard :pray:)


I think they’re trying to make a “divider” for the hallway, splitting it in two lanes. Putting benches there however is a questionable decision. People usually prefer sitting on the edges of a space rather than in the middle.


It looks ok , and do I sense a bit of delusion from the PR team at CDPQi ? The pictures from the Dix30 side are clearly taken to avoid the fact that it dumps the users behind the movie theatre , far from everything else .

I also can’t with the descriptions of the stations’ architecture , which are rather bland and copy and paste .

It doesn’t though, it leads you out to a covered pathway that directs you around the movie theatre, where there’s also a drop off area. CDPQinfra is probably not showing that because they’re not the ones who developed that section, DIX-30 did.

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I’m pretty sure I read that Dix-30 is planning to move the movie theatre away to redevelop that area and make it more accessible to passengers.

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Il existe déjà un fil de discussion à propos des potentiels développements au Dix30. :blush: :point_down:

Cependant, bien qu’il soit logique que le Cineplex soit déplacé de son endroit actuel pour y faire place à du résidentiel, je n’ai pas réussi à trouver plus de détails sur un quelconque projet là-dessus. :man_shrugging:

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J’aurais également pu mettre cette publication sous Fait inusité :upside_down_face:

Si quelqu’un passe à pied sur le viaduc Du Quartier au Dix30, pouvez-vous SVP déplacer/enlever la membrane géotextile qui semble recouvrir la caméra Devisubox pointant sur l’autoroute 10 vers l’ouest !?

En haut à gauche sur cette photo: :point_down:

Disons que la vue est cachée depuis quelques heures… :face_with_peeking_eye:

Caméra Devisubox


They might be installing the new fence there, which is why this tarp was put up!

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I went all the way out to DIX-30 just for you @Chuck_A (jk I just happened to go)!

They were meant to close the sidewalk, but because almost no one uses it, I happened to walk right into the construction! The camera is covered and protected as they work on the new fence. The worker was moving the temporary concrete pieces as they were about to install the new permanent fence:

I didn’t get any pics, but this fence doesn’t slant over the sidewalk, it is just vertical, and about the same height as the temporary fence from before.

I also went to the other side to see the entrance connecting DIX-30:

The piece that sticks out seems to be an electrical room of some kind:

They had trains lined up waiting their turn, I saw three in a row: