Montreal International/Political Science Students Association of Concordia event

Hello everyone!

So a good family friend of mine is President of the Political Science Student Association at Concordia and will be hosting an event with Montreal International on Thursday, October 7th from 7pm to 8:30pm. Considering how everyone here loves economic progress and what makes Montreal an awesome city to invest, live, work and study, he was kind enough to invite anyone on the forum to join the event. I have attached the PSSA Facebook link, where it has the zoom link and a forum to sign up/ask questions, along with the description of the event. Feel free to attend and share with anyone you know who has an interest in this topic.

I also asked VinceMTL if I can post it and they are okay with it. Hope to see a good amount of people to join!


Hey everyone! So a small change with the event, the Q&A will now be open floor, rather than submitting the question in advance. My friend also hopes a lot of people from the forum will come by to the event, he would love to meet you all and get the chance for all of us to get excited about Montreal and the Global Hub we are!

So now that the event passed, not as many people showed up as expected. It was an interesting event, very informative and knowledgeable.

Some key points for those who did not attend …

  1. Montreal often competes with European cities when it comes to attracting offices (either expansion or HQ’s)
  2. It is rare that MTL competes with Toronto, however we lose out a lot to Toronto and vice versa, depends on the industry.
  3. Amazon HQ2 was discussed as well, Montreal came close to the top 20. However, it was just a way for Amazon to collect data on cities for free. Someone asked about what as offered to Amazon, but details were not disclosed.
  4. Focus areas in the future will be California, Latin America and South East Asia, while an eye is being kept out on Africa and their growing tech scene.
  5. Montreal has a very good chance of getting the ISSB, they said presentations went well. We will find out who gets the HQ end of this month/early November
  6. Because of this event, a CEO of a tech company based in Los Angeles contacted one of the speakers and is considering opening up an office in the city (it takes time of course, but wow).

Do you know if MI or CPSSA recorded the conference?

Amazing news! Thanks for reporting!

Yes, the PSSA recorded the conference, it will be uploaded within a few weeks considering it’s a large file.